Country: ITALY


Formed in: 2012

Current Line Up:
Hobo Fabione - vocals
Hobo Rizla - guitar
Hobo Matte - guitar
Hobo Bonsio - bass
Hobo Fede - drums


Hobos arise from the ashes of a band called Outsider in the year 2012 after the split with the guitarist Gigi who chose to play in the streets. The four remaining members decided then to dedicate the new project to him, turning their old groove Thrash Metal into a more raw and extreme sound taking inspiration from the imagery of those who live on the edge of society for a choice. Hobos play Metal as the punks like, borrowing the Swedish Death Metal sound stained with Rock ’n’ Roll, hardcore and a hint of Grindcore served with lyrics in Italian. 

The band released their self-titled debut album in 2013 and a couple of splits with Border Bastards and Spavaldery later on, proving to be also a blood-thirsty, filthy war machine on stage, playing concerts everywhere from squats to clubs with the likes of Vitamin X, Tragedy, Negative Approach, Obituary, Rotten Sound, Birdflesh and Zeke, plus two European tours alongside the colleagues Slander and Zeit. 

In 2016 a fifth hobo joins the band: Hobo Matte (Gargantha/Restos Humanos/C.O.C./Cimex), first as a stand-in drummer and then as permament guitarist. The circle is now complete with the furious dirty beast evoked on Hobos new record “Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza”, due in January 2019 via Spikerot Records (CD/Digital) and Assurd Rec. (LP)

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