Country: CANADA


Formed in: 2009


Josh Sandulak - Vocals
Devin Purdy - Guitar
Richard Hepp - Bass
Brett Whittingham - Drums


Where the desert meets the mountains. That’s the setting both in locale and style that has lead to the “boogie-infused facepunch” class of rock and roll Chron Goblin has proclaimed since their formation in 2009. Swagger and muscle, charm and wit, Chron Goblin pair melody with aggression and groove for a fresh interpretation of heavy.

Following the success of 2013's sophomore album “Life for the Living” and touring in the UK, USA and Canada, the band's third full length album “Backwater” was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang), in Portland at Toadhouse Studios and released by Ripple Music in 2015.

A new album called “Here Before” is scheduled to be released on September 27th 2019 through Grand Hand Records, anticipated few weeks before by the Split Tape with Italian riffalicious gang Isaak out on Spikerot Records, including “Signs”, an energetic yet still unreleased song recorded during the “Backwater” sessions.

Just one thing is for sure: the musical entity known as Chron Goblin is a true force of nature.

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