Country: ITALY


Formed in: 2012


Giacomo Boeddu – Vocals
Gabriele Carta - Guitars
Francesco Raimondi - Bass
Davide Foccis – Drums/Vocals


"If you cross the Genoese narrow streets looking people in the eyes, and you reach the port and the sea, then you will understand our sound, we were born and brought up in accordance with the tradition, history but also the cultural melting pot and mental freedom of the hard, difficult but full of warmth city of Genoa. That's exactly where our sound comes from: heavy, open to every solution, incisive and full of pathos. It's what happens on the road, daily”.

Isaak, born from the ashes of Gandhi's Gunn, immediately signed a worldwide contract for two albums with the American label Small Stone Records: the critically acclaimed debut “The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound” released in 2013 and the sophomore brilliant “Sermonize” released in 2016.

“Having the chance to release two albums for an American label and reaching metal fans all over the world it's a great honor but also a confirmation: we always thought we had an international sound since the beginning. And you will hear it even more in the new album.

Isaak’s love for bands like Clutch, Big Business, Torche, Red Fang can be heard, but Isaak have a twist of their own .

Isaak, who developed from a stoner rock into a promising international power sound band, are ready for the challenge, determined and strong just like their music, making their comeback with a Split Tape with Canadian boogie rockers Chron Goblin to be released via Spikerot Records on September 2019.

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