Country:  ITALY


Formed in: 2016


Dave - Vocals
Nicolò - Guitars
Fabrizio - Guitars
Saverio - Bass
Piero - Drums


Zolfo was officially born in September 2016 and the band’s first EP ‘Phosphene/Floaters’ came out just a few months later in early '17 showing a band capable of the most brutalist riffing on the planet. 

Italy’s Doom underworld is a somewhat fervent environment lately and Zolfo has rightfully earned a place in such realm, especially with their new album ‘Delusion Of Negation’ due in January 2020 via Spikerot Records, where huge riffs and loud amps proceed hand in hand with the slow-paced yet unmerciful drumming while the vocal delivery is harsh as hell, non-human at times.

As the monicker suggests – it’s the Italian for “Sulfur” – the band evokes a smoking creature that will utterly please fans of Iron Monkey, Ufomammut and Bongzilla alike.Yes, it won’t take you long to get where these Sludge-Doom-mongers are coming from, but that hardly makes the experience less enjoyable, you know, as much as it’s meant to be enjoyable in the first place. 

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