Country:  SPAIN


Formed in: 2018


Dave - Vocals
Rober: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths Ángel: Drums


Ruinas arise at the end of 2018 by the hand and soul of Rober, member of the deceased death/grind legends Machetazo, and Angel. Both hailing from Ferrol, Galicia (Spain), their sole purpose is to deliver fast and grinding death metal, sometimes dismal, sometimes punkish, sometimes sludgy, sometimes fuck you off! 

Influenced by the likes of Rotten Sound, Incantation, Wolfpack and John Carpenter, their debut album will surface from the depths of hell on 20th March 2020 via the Italian imprint Spikerot Records under the name of ‘Ikonoklasta’. 13 filthy hymns to misery, fatuity, death and decay, a one-way descent into the deepest caliginous abyss with no hope for redemption.

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